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22 | ASIA Miner | October-December 2015 China 萨瓦亚尔顿金矿开发停滞 由于低迷的经济形势和金价的持续下跌,戈壁 矿业将不会继续按照2015 国西部边陲新疆维吾尔自治区的萨瓦亚尔顿金 矿项目。公司目前正致力于节省现金和控制采 矿成本及支出,但是已达成临时协议收购一处 位于香港的办公物业。 戈壁矿业相信尽管香港利息低、房价高,租金 将持续增长。公司称新的办公物业是稳定的投 资并契合其未来商业扩张战略。 总体收购价格为大约200万美元。6.4万美元的 定金已于7月初临时协议签署时支付。7月下旬 双方将签署正式购销协议,同时将支付第二笔 定金13.6万美元。收购预计将于11月份完成,届 时戈壁矿业将有资金支付剩余的180万美元。 今年早些时候,公司获得了萨瓦亚尔顿更新 2684万吨,品位1.79 克/吨,可产金154.5 5938万 吨,品位1.38克/吨,可产金262.6万盎司。 Mining One 所依据的资料为截至2014年10月31日由戈壁矿 业采集的数据。2014年的资源评估采用的是由 313处金刚石钻孔(共计97,204米)外加平硐和 探槽所采集的数据。 该推 量包括第4和第1区域。在第4区域, 2684万吨,品位1.79克/吨,可产金 154.5 4971万吨,品位1.39 克/吨,可产金222.2万盎司。在第1区域,推断 967万吨,品位1.30克/吨,可产金40.4 万盎司 戈壁矿业持有Loco(香港)控股48.02%的股 权,Loco与其下属子公司共同从事生产和销售 金属和大宗商品期货合约。Loco(香港)控股 在香港生产力促进局的协助下已开始设计实验 室用于配合公司扩张计划。Loco(香港)控股 也在研究在中国境内设立原材料供应基地的可 行性。 OWING to diffcult economic conditions and the sustained drop in gold prices, GobiMin is not proceeding with the 2015 develop- ment plan for Sawayaerdun Gold Project in the far west of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The company is focusing on con- serving cash and controlling mining costs and expenditures but has entered into a provisional agreement to acquire an offce property in Hong Kong. GobiMin believes that in light of low inter- est rates and soaring property prices in Hong Kong, rental prices will keep increasing. It says the additional offce property represents a sound investment and will also enable it to cope with future business expansion. The total consideration of the acquisition is approximately US$2 million. An initial de- posit of about US$64,000 was paid upon signing of the provisional agreement in early July. The formal sales and purchase agreement was to be signed by late July with the payment of a further deposit of US$136,000. The acquisition is expect- ed to be completed by November when the balance of the consideration of about US$1.8 million will become payable. Earlier this year the company received updated Sawayaerdun resource estimates with total measured and indicated resourc- es of 26.84 million tonnes @ 1.79 grams/ tonne gold for 1.545 million ounces, and Block grades of the Zone IV deposit at Sawayaerdun Gold Project. Development of Sawayaerdun on hold total inferred resources are 59.38 million tonnes @ 1.38 grams/tonne for 2.626 mil- lion ounces. Resources contained within the project have been independently estimated by Mining One and are based on data collected by GobiMin as at October 13, 2014. The 2014 resourc- es have been estimated using results from 313 surface diamond drill holes for a total of 97,204 metres plus adits and trenches. The estimates include the Zone IV and Zone 1 areas. In Zone IV there are mea- sured and indicated resources of 26.84 million tonnes @ 1.79 grams/tonne for 1.545 million ounces and inferred resourc- es of 49.71 million tonnes @ 1.39 grams/ tonne for 2.222 million ounces. In Zone 1 there are 9.67 million tonnes in the inferred category @ 1.30 grams/tonne for 404,000 ounces. GobiMin holds an equity interest of 48.02% in Loco Hong Kong Holdings which together with its subsidiaries are engaged in the processing and trading of metals and commodity forward contracts. Loco HK has commenced design of a laboratory with assistance from the Hong Kong Productivity Council to match with a plan of expansion. Loco HK is also study- ing the possibility of building a raw material supply base in China.

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